Our Vision

Coloring the world gold so every child, everywhere survives cancer.

Our Mission

To grow awareness, inspire action, and fund research for childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer is an urgent health crisis, even for those who are surviving. G9 believes there is hope. G9 is inspiring the world to #growGOLD far and wide to raise awareness and give optimism to every child, everywhere until better cures for cancer are found. Growing gold shows the world you want to do something about the future of survival for all kids diagnosed with cancer. We are all impacted by childhood cancer. We are the teachers of students diagnosed, the friends of those diagnosed, the wives and co-workers of adult childhood cancer survivors, the siblings, the parents, the doctors, the coaches, the grandparents, or the community leaders. Together, we can change the future of childhood cancer as we inspire the world to #growGOLD for childhood cancer, this September, and EVERY month of the year.

Our Brand

Gold In September (G9) is the first pediatric cancer non-profit with this unique model. It is a national effort to raise awareness and financial support for childhood cancer research and the development of new treatments. The primary purpose of the G9 brand and fundraising model is, with the help of our G9 Partners, to elevate the understanding of the great need for increased resources supporting childhood cancer research at all levels (local, regional, and national).

Gold In September is committed to the long-term financial success of its partners,  encouraging donors to continue their current philanthropic support. This altruistic model of branding and philanthropy is unique in serving the needs of childhood cancer efforts, by focusing on all children, fighting all cancers, in all regions across the country under a golden umbrella of optimism for the future.

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