G9 Timeline

G9 was founded by Annie Bartosz, an 11-year old girl from Hartland, WI, who lost her twin brother to cancer in 2012. She saw the world turn pink in October for breast cancer and became determined to unite the world for kids battling cancer, through the color GOLD. A quick history:

  • 2006: Sarah and John Bartosz, Annie’s parents, founded the I Back Jack Foundation, Inc. in 2006 following the unthinkable diagnosis of their son, Jack, with neuroblastoma, an aggressive and difficult-to-treat pediatric cancer. The I Back Jack Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity organized to support pediatric oncology research. The I Back Jack Foundation has raised over $1 million for childhood cancer research.
  • 2007-2011: Despite a variety of treatments, relapse for Jack occured in 2009, 2010 and 2011 and forced the Bartosz family to travel the country in search of a cure. The I Back Jack Foundation raises over $1.25 Million for pediatric neuroblastoma research.
  • 2012: Jack finds his ultimate cure in Heaven after 6 years and 11 months of treatments, trials and tribulations. Jack’s indomitable spirit, joyous personality, and happy attitude changed forever all who knew him.
  • Late 2012: Annie’s idea to turn the world gold during the month of September inspired Gold In September® (G9). G9 is unique because it focuses on all children, fighting all cancers, in all regions of the country with a golden umbrella of hope for the future.
  • 2014: Aaron Rodgers walks door-to-door with Annie across Hartland, Wisconsin, to raise awareness for all childhood cancers through the color gold.
  • 2015: Annie is awarded one of The 100 Everyday Amazing by the Mass General Cancer Center for her philanthropic work with childhood cancer, and powerfully reminded everyone that, “You can’t win the fight against this awful disease with just the people who are trying to fight it, that’s like trying to win a war with only the wounded.
  • Early 2016: Annie’s dad, John Bartosz, passed away at age 47, from the long term effects of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments that saved him in his 20s but ultimately cost him his life in his 40s. This is a devastating reality for many childhood cancer survivors and another example of why current treatments aren’t enough and that research is the path to cures. John fought hard, was the ultimately believer in hope,and helped shape the vision that launched G9 to honor his children, Jack, Annie and Tommy, and to secure a future of survival for all children diagnosed with cancer. His legacy is forever remembered through G9.
  • September 2016: The second annual Golden Celebration takes place in the Golden month of September. Guests raised $600,000 in support of childhood cancer research.
  • 2017 and Beyond: G9 will continue to #growGOLD until every child, everywhere survives cancer.

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